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Defining Your Focused Key phrases In WPRobot

Defining Your Targeted Keywords In WPRobot

Before you begin thinking about a WordPress auto blog, you have to understand how important keyword research is to use in a WordPress auto plugin. The keywords that you select and then input into a tool such as WPRobot defines the nature of the content that your automatic blog will generate.

So while I am not providing a ‘how to’ on keyword generation in this article, it is very important that the keywords you choose have several attributes:

  • traffic – the first is traffic, do the keywords you choose provide enough traffic
  • competition – how competitive are the keywords, can you easily get pages ranked
  • quality of available content – the content is going to come from different sources – article directories, social network sites, media sites, and others – there needs to be ample content to pull from
  • affiliate products and revenue opportunities – how easily can you monetize your blog

So that’s the starting point for how you set up WPRobot with your targeted keywords.

Once you are inside the WPRobot configuration control panel, you will have lots of options on how you want to define your posts. The first thing to do is enter the targeted keywords you have selected. The easiest way to do this is copy and paste into the box that is provided. From there you have several options that you need to choose:

  • category – each targeted keyword is assigned to a category
  • define the template – here is where you define how the post looks for each set of keywords; the choices here define the content that WPRobot will produce for each article
  • optional settings – you have options on how the blog post is handled, maybe you want some keywords to be excluded, or there is other special handling with the article post you want to manage differently

The key is that handling targeted keywords within WPRobot is very easy, and the result will be WP unique content blogs that are highly optimized for your keywords.

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