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Discovering Key phrase Phrases: What Are Lengthy Tail Key phrases And Key phrase Phrases? Study To Preserve Up With search engine marketing

Finding Keyword Phrases: What Are Long Tail Keywords And Keyword Phrases? Learn To Keep Up With seo

What are long tail keywords?

You may have probably heard the term but not really stopped to think about it for a minute. More importantly, how can this help you?

At the time of this article with my website (blog) being less than two months old, I’ve been using long tail keywords in my articles and over this time, landed on the first page of a search result with the likes of Google and Bing (and others too) taking care of using seo (Search Engine Optimization).

Here are some examples you can try to test this out:

  • Finding Keyword Phrases – landed on the first page, position 3
  • Learning About Keyword Phrases – landed on the first page, position 6
  • Keyword Tool To Find Sweet Spots – landed on the first page, position 1
  • Top Best seo Keyword tools – landed on the first page, position 2

I could give 20 different keyword phrases that send me to the first page and it’s only day 50!

Long tail keywords are keyword phrases that have a ‘tail’ added to the natural keywords entered in a search engine (namely Google, Bing and many others) which is a natural way your visitors use (or ask questions) when searching the web whether they are simply looking for information or ready to purchase your product or service.

Using the shorter keyword phrase for example, “search engine optimization” (with double quotes) yields around 115 million results with an average global monthly search for around 823,000 and you are competing with too many similar related niches/businesses. Remember, there are only ten places (on the first page) that you need to aim for as most users will not scroll beyond the first page; second at best.

If you expand on the above example to a more natural search term for example, “search engine optimization tips” then the following happens:

  1. This reduces the number of results which is good news allowing you reach higher on the search results.
  2. The average monthly search may not drop or in fact it may grow which is also good news as more users are searching for this term too.
  3. You are attracting a certain type of visitor based on the keyword phrase, in this case the person is looking for tips on seo and not perhaps ready to buy your product or service yet. This is called a prospector.
  4. Using longer tail keyword phrases will keep in a top position longer than a simple one or two keyword phrase due to the sheer volume of traffic and competition.
  5. The longer the keyword phrase, the more permutations of a part or all the phrase is used with other search terms and helps you to keep top page presence should one long tail phrase becomes too saturated.

There are many techniques when sourcing out long tail keyword phrases and the most popular is of course the Google AdWords Keyword Tool (just search for ‘Keyword Tool’).

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