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Glorious Free Plugin For WordPress to Create Hyperlinks Mechanically For website positioning

Excellent Free Plugin For WordPress to Create Links Automatically For seo

I was looking over my other websites (mainly the one for the magic business that I’m giving up this year) and stumbled across a plugin that I’d forgotten about.

As you know, seo (Search Engine Optimisation) is largely based on getting good links both within your site and from good, high-ranking sites. These are also known as ‘authority sites. The higher they rank, the better the link.

This plugin mainly helps you to sort out the internal links, leaving you time to manage the external links. If you have multiple sites on WordPress, you can use it to create mutual links between them.

It works by automatically linking your site up, by finding keywords and phrases that will link from your posts and pages to other parts of the site. As you post new stuff, the plugin sets up more links.

You can also program it to find specific instances of your own keywords and always have them link to the same place every time. As I said, this is awesome if you have other WordPress sites as you can use this to create mutual backlinks between them all, bringing them all up to the same levels of links and Google juice!

Every time that word comes up, you get a new link, either internal or external.

This is good stuff and once you set it up, you can forget about it until you change or add to your keywords.

And as you may have worked out, set-and-forget is my favourite.

Get this, it’s invaluable.


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