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The Significance of Water Harvesting

The Importance of Water Harvesting

Water Harvesting is a powerful way to be Eco-Friendly and will play an essential role in life hence it should not be overlooked. With the increased rate at which people waste water, there are times when this necessity is scarce. Rainwater is a free essential resource which you should not allow to go to waste. Therefore, it is wise to avoid this wastage by collecting and saving it. This is where rainwater harvesting comes in handy. Rainwater harvesting refers to the accumulation and storage of rainwater for later use. The water can be used for the garden, livestock, irrigation or drinking; as long as the storage tank is clean. There are many ways to be green and this article highlights the importance of rainwater harvesting and harvesting techniques.

Importance of water harvesting

Due to the growing population, it is obvious that the mains water supply can no longer meet the needs of the people. This situation has led to financial and environmental effect on the infrastructure of the water companies, which is again passed on to the consumers. Due to this, a number of people are learning to be Eco-Friendly and one way is by collecting rainwater to ensure that they have enough water for their growing needs at no cost and minimize negative environmental impact.

Rainwater harvesting has become a major consideration for every new building or refurbishing project. Builders and architects understand the significance of Being Green and using rainwater harvesting systems or techniques to make homes more sustainable and minimize the monthly cost of running them.

How you can be Eco-Friendly and collect rain water and use it in your everyday life:

Rain Barrels: This is the most common water harvesting method. It involves installation of a barrel at the downspout to capture rainwater. The barrel placement can be determined based on the downspout. You can use either a new barrel or an Eco-Friendly recycled one. The best part about this method is that it is easy to implement and don’t occupy too much space, hence can fit in any home or situation.

Storm drains: People who live in apartments can construct storm drains; another excellent way to store rainwater. This is basically a network of concrete drains, which are interconnected. The drains empty water into a large underground tank. The water can then be pumped for use. This is one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods of capturing and storing rainwater.

Furrows: You can also dig furrows or sump pits in the ground for rainwater storage. After that, a gutter alongside a PVC pipe may be installed to direct the rainwater to the furrow. The furrow should be wide and deep enough to allow storage of more water.

Apart from the water storage, you should also adhere to good maintenance practices to keep the harvested water clean. Installation of a filter is also necessary to block dust from getting into the tank. If you will use the collected water for drinking, then ensure it is disinfected before use. When buying the storage tank, test it first to ensure that it matches the storage standards. Moreover, the material of the tank should be free of toxins and other harmful substances that can contaminate the water, thereby making it unsafe for use.So please start playing the role in this Eco-Friendly solution and start Water-Harvesting today.

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