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Hubpages – Advantages of Utilizing Hubpages

Hubpages - Benefits of Using Hubpages

Hubpages – Benefits of Using Hubpages

HubPages is a popular networking website used for sharing information with others. It allows you to write articles on anything that is of interest to you. You can create a page on any topic you like and want to share with others. Hubpages also provides a number of tools knows as capsules that you can add to your page to improve it’s features and usability.

This includes RSS feeds, Images, Links and even revenue sharing widgets from Amazon or eBay.

Its user base is increasing every month as more and more users create pages as well as use it as a source of information. A recent study has revealed that hubpages receives over 12 million visits per month.

How to use Hubpages

Creating a page on the site is very easy and can be done in a few simple steps. Registration on the website is required in order to publish content. Registration is free and quick. Once you have registered on the website, you can log-in and create as many pages as you wish, ideally one for each topic of interest. A page that you create is known as ‘Hub.’

Main Benefits of using Hubpages.

There are many benefits of using Hubpages. Some of them are discussed below:

* The website provides access to a large audience as it is popular among internet users. It receives more than 12 million total monthly visits worldwide.

* It provides back linking opportunities for your website or blog. It is a common practice to place links to your other websites or blogs on the hubs you create.

* Increased traffic to your website or blog from links on Hubs. If you provide quality content on your hub, readers are likely to click through and visit the links to your website or blog.

* Hubpages can also be used to influence the Pagerank of your main website. Web designers and search engine marketing experts often use cross linking to pass link juice and page rank between sites.

* It is an excellent medium to promote your products or services.

* It can complement your existing search engine marketing campaign or strategy.

* It is easy to track your daily visitors and traffic on your hub.

* Hubpages is also beneficial for Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketers can create and publish free content promoting affiliate products. Although this not particularly encouraged by Hubpages, it is certainly possible.

* It uses a unique scoring system for pages where points are awarded for originality and length of the content. The higher the score, higher is the rank within Hubpages. The score system is useful as it provides users with an easy to use and readily available performance or quality metric.

* The website makes is easy for users to flag a page as spam or unoriginal content. Although this presents a challenge for page owners, it also ensures the quality of the site.

* Lenses tend to rank high on search engines especially Google. A page created on HubPages are indexed by Google quite easily. In fact my first Hub was indexed on Google within an hour of creating it.

* The site shares revenue with lens (page) owners. If you have created a Hub, Hubpage will share its revenue from Google AdSense with you. Payouts will be made once you reach the minimum pay-out threshold.


As we have discussed above, Hubpages offers many benefits for content writers as well users searching for information. The true benefits will be evident only once you start using it. In order to start benefiting from the advantages of Hubpages, you should start using it.

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