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Adwords Keyword Research Tools & Tips to Find Profitable Keywords


Adwords keyword research tools are valuable and essential to anyone using Google AdWords to promote their websites. Most people think that such keyword research tools are only capable of pulling out huge keyword lists to be used in their AdWords pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. Little do they know that these tools are also effective in digging out useful information about keywords that could be used for other PPC campaigns and even for search engine optimization. Let’s learn several useful AdWords keyword research tips and why AdWords keyword research tools are so powerful in reaping lists of profitable keywords.

One quick keyword research tip before starting a PPC campaign is to build a keyword list of at least 1000 keywords. Keyword research is necessary. Brainstorm and start off with a few keywords, perhaps 5 main keywords associated with the product. You may wish to use several free online AdWords keyword research tools such as:

1. Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool

Search for the main keywords and copy down the lists of related-keywords in a Notepad file. Dig 1 more level into each related keyword to find variations/extensions of the root keywords. These keywords are what we call long-tails. Example, “best online AdWords keyword research tools” is a long tail from the root keyword phrase “Adwords keyword research tools“.

2. Google Search Engine

Find and visit each of the top 10 search engine results for your targeted main keywords. Go to your internet browser under “View”, click on “Page Source” to display the meta-keywords. Copy them. These are golden keywords and phrases that expert webmasters have painstakingly researched. They are yours free.

3. Google AdWords Keyword Research Tool

This is the web address This free AdWords keyword research tool is a handy tool. Make use of the “Site-Related” tab to make interesting discovery of keywords targeted by top ranking websites. You would be pleasantly surprised at some of the keywords which you would never have thought of.

The second AdWords keyword research tip is a sneaky. It is like an espionage mission – I will teach you how to spy on competitors who are advertising in Adwords. With your keyword list, key in one main keyword and take note of the websites that show up in the AdWords text ad on the right in Google. Repeat this for all the 5 main keywords and see if there is a common website that shows up all the time.

Target this website to spy on. Open a Microsoft Excel document and list down all the keywords in your list that this competing website shows up for. Observe the list of keywords over a period of 1 – 4 weeks and see if this website still appears for each of the keyword. Eliminate those which dropped out and retain those that it is still targeting. There is good reason to do so as there is a likelihood that these are profitable keywords/phrases that continue to make money for the website. This explains why it is paying big bucks to stay within top 5 in the AdWords for these keywords.

Did you know that some expert marketers are employing these secret AdWords keyword research tips and tricks to earn outrageous amounts of money? Not only so, they are using AdWords keyword research tools to automate these otherwise manual and tedious tasks. Imagine how painful and time-zapping to do this for one product, not to mention repeating them to dozens of websites and products. Learn how you can be like them and start using secret keyword research tips from my free ebook which you can download at my blog. You would also discover which AdWords keyword research tools can explode your earnings almost instantly.

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