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Plant Pots – Delicate and Useful Decorations

plant pots

Plant Pots – Subtle and Functional Decorations

Plant pots are used for planting all types of plants and flowers in. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, sizes as well as being made from various types of materials. Types range from the strictly functional to beautifully crafted ornate pots.

Plant Pots: A Bit Of History

Plant pots have spanned three decades and were the brainchild of several people. They were not originally intended to be used as they are today, but they have bloomed, so to speak, into a boon for gardening businesses.


The pots are made from a wide array of different materials. From plastic ones that you find your plants and flowers in when you purchase them at the store to heavy stone ones made for architectural gardening. There are pots made from wood, polyethylene, fiberglass, metal including copper, ceramic stone and terracotta. The most common one is the terracotta pot as it absorbs moisture that can be beneficial to plants and flowers and help to regulate the frequency of watering.


Sizes of pots vary and there is one for every sized plant or flower set. There are even ones big enough to plant trees in! As for colors, nowadays you can find pots in every color under the sun and most people find this a wonderful bonus because now they can color coordinate with their outdoor/indoor decor or even the plants and flowers they are using them for.

Where To Shop

Pots aren’t really that difficult to find and you can probably even find them online rather quickly, however if you have a tendency to like to day trip to shop for them, there are a lot of places you can go to find them and to compare prices, in fact, you can make a whole day of it. Starting with your large hardware outlets, although not so much fun, you can find some pretty tremendous deals on pots in their yard and garden centers. Or, for a more enjoyable shopping experience you can visit nurseries, some floral shops or even find them at flea markets, farmer’s markets and such. It is far more relaxing to visit nurseries and flea markets and farmer’s markets than the hardware outlets and not only that, you have a better chance of finding pots that are more whimsical, unusual or rare when you shop at those places.

Part of an Age Old Past Time

Since time out of mind, people have loved planting seeds in earth and cultivating and nurturing in order to bring forth life. Once upon a time all plants and flowers were grown outdoors and thanks to the pot, dwellings can be graced with the beauty found outside. Not only this it has added a totally new dimension to interior decorating because pots today are just so functional and tempting to add into interior design plans. There is nothing quainter than window boxes hanging from a window with rows of healthy flowers as they enhance the beauty of the front of a home.

plant pots
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