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Suggestions For Southwest Residence Adorning

Tips For Southwest Home Decorating

A Southwest home decor offers a rustic atmosphere that is appropriate for homes in Nevada, California, Arizona and New Mexico. The style can also be used to liven up one’s living space regardless of where he or she lives. The decorating options are seemingly endless. These options allow the owner to select a single style or mix and match many themes.

This style of decorating is generally relaxed and comfortable. There are four subcategories often included in this type of design. The cowboy approach focuses on memorabilia from horses and the Old West to create a Wild West look. The Mexican approach uses Serapes (Mexican Blankets) and pottery in decorating the home. For a more modern approach, one might choose a color scheme and landscaping to create a Southwest atmosphere. For a Native American approach, choose dream catchers and other Native American artwork to create the scene. Since the Southwest is a melting pot, another effective approach is to choose some from each of the schemes.

Colors popular in this decorating approach include pinks, mauves, turquoises, light browns and purples, recreating the desert sunset. Taos, blue, a light colored combination of violet and blue are one of the most popular choices. Bright and bold colors from Native American and Mexican art are also popular.

Lighting in the room should be dim to accentuate browns and dark red. Bright natural lighting can be used to bring out light colors and beiges. Pottery lamps are an excellent choice. Cowboy lamps, featuring a base of a bull riding cowboy can add interest to any room.

There are many appropriate accessories for the decor. Indian art, Kachina dolls, Kiva ladders, jewelry and drums are appropriate. Drape a Mexican blanket over a couch to create a Southwest fee. Wagon wheels, sculls and longhorns can remind one of the desert heat.

The landscape outside the home can create the desired emphasis before a visitor enters the home. Succulents and cacti provide a good first impression. If the climate will not sustain these desert plants outside, plant in pots and keep inside. They are easily maintained and survive in most homes.

Southwest acrylic artists create beautiful paintings that can accentuate any desert home decor. These paintings are available in the brilliant Southwestern colors or the muted colors one would find in pale water colors. They offer a great addition to the home and can help to make any room more beautiful.

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