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Methods to Plant Strawberries Upside Down

How to Plant Strawberries Upside Down

Strawberries fresh from the garden are a delicious delicacy that many people only dream of having. But it is possible to grow strawberries in your own home?

It doesn’t even require a lot of space. All you need is a topsy-turvy or upside down pot.

You can make your own upside down strawberry planter using cord, planting mix, strawberry seedlings, scissors or a small saw, and your chosen planter. If you decide to buy a strawberry planter, check out a strawberry planter review first.

You can even make your own planter using a length of large PVC pipe or material tube that has a diameter of about one foot. The ideal length for a planter is 18 inches.

Seal one end of the planter and leave the other end open. Wash it thoroughly using warm water and mild dish soap. If you want to use wood, make sure that the wood is not treated. The treatment can poison strawberry plants.

Cut four small evenly spaced holes at the closed end of the planter. Then cut four pieces of cord and attach it to the holes.

Cut about 15 holes in the side of the planter for your strawberry plants. Make sure to make the holes big enough to leave the plants room to grow. Then line the planter with newspaper and cut slits to match the holes.

Take out the strawberry seedlings from their pots and place them in the planter, threading them through the holes. The plants should be outside and the roots inside. Handle the plants gently. Position the plants at an angle towards the ground, or the closed end of the tube.

Hang the planter using the attached cords in an area that gets plenty of sun but is protected from the wind and other elements. You can mix fertilizer with the planting mix than fill the planter with it. Water the planter until the soil is moist but not muddy.

Now all you have to do is tend the plants regularly and wait for the strawberries to sprout.

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