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Poppies Seeds – When and How you can Harden Off Poppy Seedlings

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Poppies Seeds – When and How to Harden Off Poppy Seedlings

One of the joys with poppies seeds is the ease in which you can grow your own plants at home. There’s nothing quite like sowing some seeds, watching them germinate and then nurturing them through to full flower for a little emotional reward. Whilst you can buy a multitude of plants at garden centers it isn’t quite the same as knowing that, from tiny poppies seeds, you’ve grown an entire garden of color.

An important aspect of growing seeds is the hardening off stage. This is where you ready your young poppy seedlings for life in the garden where the climate can often be far more turbulent than on your sunny windowsill or warm cold frame. Unless you’ve scattered your poppy seeds in the garden where you want them to grow young seedlings are likely to be in seed trays and pots. Planting them straight into the garden after they’ve grown in a protected environment could be fatal so you must first harden them off.

This is done in the spring when the colder months start to seep away. On warm days uncover cold frames or place windowsill grown poppies outdoors, allowing the natural climate to get at them. Return them to their protection at night when temperatures plummet. You can continue to do this until the last frosts have disappeared when it is safe to plant poppy seedlings out.

It is very important to harden poppy plants off in the spring as a large change in environment could kill the seedlings that you’ve lovingly grown. And by ensuring that your poppies seeds are carefully acclimatized you’ll ensure strong healthy growth for the rest of the season.

plant pots
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