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How A lot Energy Does a Wind Mill Generate?

How Much Power Does a Wind Mill Generate?

Would you like to know how much power does a wind mill generate? If you are interested to find out the answer to this question as well as learn how to reduce your energy bills with a homemade power system, you should read this article entirely. With this system that I have built, I have managed to reduce my electrical bills by over 70% and I would highly recommend it to all house owners.

How Much Power Does a Wind Mill Generate?

Wind mills are typically able to create enough power to run some appliances in a home. They can be used to cut electrical bills as well as be used as a backup power sources. The total power that any wind mill can generate depends largely on its surrounding wind speed and also the design of the wind mill.

Typically, a home built wind mill is able to supply 150 to 500 watts of power. Emergency batteries can built with the home built home power system that allows storage of excess electricity generated by the system.

Factors Affecting the Amount of Power Generated by a Wind Mill

Most wind mills produce power of around 8,000 to 12,000 watts of electric energy at wind speeds of average 10 to 11 miles per hour. Larger mills that have bigger wind blades will produce more electricity, but their viability depends on available space as well. Even if you do decide to build a windmill system at home, you should still remain connected to your power company’s wires and make sure that both electrical outputs remain compatible.

Advantages of Running your House with Wind Mill Power

I highly recommend building a wind mill power system at home because there are many benefits. Besides cost savings, I am also keeping my environmental surroundings cleaner as my windmill system does not emit harmful gases.

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