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Domestic Solar Panels – Save Power by Using Solar Energy

Domestic solar panels are mainly used to warm water at home. These solar water heating systems use solar panels called flat plate collectors, which is placed on the roof of the building. A boiler can be used when these panels do not heat up the water to the expected level.

The benefits of these domestic panels are that we can get hot water throughout the year. This will reduce the hot water costs. Since solar energy is free from pollution it doesn’t have any harmful substances or pollutants.

The panels must be kept in a place where there is direct sunlight. The panels always need not be mounted on the roof they can even be fixed on flat roofs. A domestic solar panel uses a dual-coil cylinder; it has a boiler and the solar panels. The other components that are used include:

· Pump

· Hot water cylinder

· Controller

The exact working of this domestic panel goes here.

The solar energy is collected by the solar panel. The heat generated is passed through the pipe to the hot water storage cylinder. Heat is produced by the pump that is circulating the water to the coil in cylinder. This heating system has a controller to keep track of the flow of energy from the panel to the storage cylinder. The conventional boiler raises the heat produced by these panels as and when required.

The panels must be facing the southeast or southwest direction. Sometimes even two panels can be made use, but the installation costs can be too expensive. We can make use of this panel throughout summer and extract as much solar energy as possible. These domestic solar panels are really efficient as they use the dual-coil storage cylinder to heat up the water. A 200 liters storage cylinder is sufficient.

These panels are made from silicon and they convert the solar energy into renewable energy in the form of electricity. There are also no CO2 emissions. There are two types of solar panels available one is flat panel arrays and the other is evacuated tubes.

Evacuated tubes are more efficient in collecting the solar energy. These tubes are extremely durable. This tube allows maximum absorption. They can withstand very high temperatures. The evacuation of the gasses forms a vacuum. The vacuum prevents heat loss from the tubes. The outer tube remains cold whereas the temperature inside the tube can be more than 150C.

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