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What Are the Benefits of Photo voltaic Vitality?

What Are the Advantages of Solar Energy?

Since the dawn of time, mankind has been enjoying the benefits of our great star, the Sun. It has been producing energy for billions of years, but it was only recently that man has discovered how to use its power for higher purposes than drying clothes. Now we are able to convert solar into other forms of energy, such as heat and electricity, using solar panels.

Another one of the biggest advantages of all is that solar energy will not be running out anytime soon. It is a free, inexhaustible source of energy, which will be meeting our power needs for billions of years to come.

Solar power is non-polluting, it produces no greenhouse gases, and has minimal impact on the environment; if properly managed, solar panels will not damage the ecosystem if placed in arid locations. What is more, these panels require little maintenance, no supervision and have no moving parts.

Solar power is also very important when it comes to horticulture and agriculture. Although it is considered to be an abundant resource, man has been seeking ways to optimize the capture of solar energy in order to increase the productivity of plants. For growing vegetables, fruit and herbs, greenhouses act as a natural sun collector and they trap heat everyday and store it in heat sinks (such as concrete walls, rocks, barrels of water, and so on) to retain it at night.

Though it is convenient to rely on energy companies to provide us with the electricity we need, we did not take into account the fact that we might be harming the environment and we thought that this would be a cheap, reliable source of energy. Now it seems that power outages and rolling blackouts are happening more regularly. The transition to solar for our homes can reduce or completely eliminate electric bills, not to mention that one can store the excess energy by using batteries and sell it. Even though purchasing a solar panel system has a high initial cost, it will reduce the reliance on fossil fuels, and, as this type of energy generator develops and spreads, the prices will be lowered in time.

The Sun is 150 million kilometers away and it still produces enough energy to meet our demands. People have to learn how harness it properly so that it can come to their advantage and stop polluting the environment in the process.

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