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Advantages of Do-it-yourself Photo voltaic Energy System

Benefits of Homemade Solar Power System

Due to the rising cost of electricity and the increasing concerns of global warming many people are looking for a clean and cheap source for power. Homemade solar power system utilizes the natural solar energy which is available in abundance and is free to produce electricity. The solar panels trap the sun’s radiant energy and convert it into electricity. This electricity is stored in the batteries and can be used to power your electrical appliances. The benefits of homemade solar power system are:

1. Low Electricity Bills:

This is one of the biggest benefits of a homemade solar power system. The solar system uses the sun’s rays to produce electricity. The solar energy is universal and free for all. You simply need to use the free energy to generate electricity. By using solar energy to produce electricity, you can reduce your electricity bills by 80%. If you generate this energy on a big scale you can even completely eliminate power bill.

2. Easy to Build:

Earlier, only big corporations and large companies used to produce electricity with these systems. This was mainly due to the heavy costs of the systems. However, due to technological advances the homemade solar power systems have become easy to build. Anybody can build the system even without having much technical knowledge. You can simply buy a solar power kit and set-up the components together using the instruction manual. You can easily download a guide from Internet. You can also involve your children to build the system and educate them about solar power systems. All the tools and materials required for the system are readily available in all local hardware stores.

3. Eco-friendly Power Source:

This is one of the biggest benefits of using homemade solar systems. As the system uses the inexhaustible renewable energy source from the sun’s energy, it doesn’t contribute to the depletion of vital fossil-fuels and other non-renewable energy sources. Also, the power system doesn’t involve emission of any harmful gases and hence it does not have any harmful effects on the environment.

4. Low Cost and Durability:

This is another important benefit of a homemade solar power system. Homemade solar panel/power system would cost you only about $200-$500. Once the system is installed it would function effectively for a long period, as many as up to 15-20 years. Furthermore, the system also requires minimal maintenance. Hence, your minimal investment in constructing the solar system will be much less than that you will save in your power bills.

5. Independent Power Supply:

With a homemade system installed in your home you need not depend on the state electricity provider, you can produce your own electricity at your home and use it for household purposes. If you generate excess electricity you can also sell it to power suppliers and earn profit.

To conclude, we can say that solar power systems, due to their low costs and environment friendly nature are surely the future of the power industry.

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