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Build Your Own Hen Houses and Save Cash

Raising poultry can be entertaining, relaxing, and gratifying. The small backyard farmer can conserve money while supplying organic meat and eggs for the family and manufacturing your own hen houses can save you hundreds when compared to buying manufactured versions. Once manufactured, your hen house will last for lots of years and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing you’re growing healthy food for the kitchen table. Also, you’ll have a continual supply of free fertilizer for your garden. You couldn’t ask for a whole lot more than this.

As soon as the actual hen house is built, growing hens is in actuality simple. Your chore will be to feed and water your chickens, collect the eggs, and do a little cleanup every now and then. But even the cleaning up won’t take a long time if you have manufactured your hen house following a high-quality set of plans. And constructing a chicken shed can be completed in just one weekend.

If you would like everything to go smoothly you must have a high-quality set of hen house designs. This is extremely vital. For a very small price it’s possible to get some great coop designs that will save you cash on building the structure and in addition save you a lot of effort. Furthermore, you should keep a few things in mind so that your accommodations can provide the birds a healthy place to live and require as little maintenance as possible.

For hens to continue being productive as far as egg laying is concerned they must be provided a minimum amount of light each day. Light penetrates the eye and stimulates the pituitary gland, which will cause the pituitary gland to produce hormones that stimulate the ovary of the hen to lay eggs. Hens that are going to lay eggs must be given roughly 14 hours of light per day. During the seasons when the amount of sunlight is less than this amount, you can add a light bulb to the interior of the coop so that your pullets will go on laying during the entire year.

The best way to provide light for your chickens is to be certain they are offered sunshine. Your hen house should have at least one, but if possible two windows to allow light into the house. The windows will serve two purposes. First of all, they will allow sunshine into the chicken pen. And second, they will provide a means of allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the housing. Odors can build up rapidly in hen houses and two or more nicely located windows can keep clean air blowing through. The additional air flow will also help keep the chicken housing drier which is beneficial because a damp structure is a source of disease.

There are several other essential factors that you need to take into account before constructing your poultry house. Construct it facing south for the greatest sunlight exposure. Be certain it’s in an area with excellent drainage and that there’s enough room for future expansion. You may start with just a few hens, but if you wish to increase the size of your flock at some point in time you will want the additional room.

Build the housing so you can collect eggs from the exterior of the housing without disturbing the birds. Mechanical watering will save you a lot of time, so this ought to be thought about in advance. Constructing the shed a couple of feet above the soil with a wire floor will help it remain clean inside the coop and also make it an easy chore to transfer the droppings to your backyard garden plot.


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