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5 Important Energy Instruments For Your Dwelling

Five Essential Power Tools For Your Home

Not everyone will need a garage full of power tools. In fact, most people can make do with three or four essential pieces that handle a variety of common, everyday tasks. Here are some of the most useful (and most often borrowed from a neighbor and never returned) power tools that are easily rented in a local equipment rental store.

* Cordless Power Drill

This indispensable power tool can perform a variety of tasks and will be used so often you may even need to replace it one day. Drills are important for putting together and dismantling simple pieces of furniture, placing shelves, hanging artwork, and many other handy around the home repairs. Even the most power tool-shy individual will find them easy to operate and helpful. Don’t bother with the corded variety, as these can be dangerous and difficult to use. Also, find one with an extra battery, because if left unattended for a while, you may find it drained when you need it in a pinch.

* Cordless Jigsaw

Not everyone will find this power tool helpful, but if you are interested in more in-depth home repairs or do-it-yourself projects, you’ll definitely need one of these. Jigsaws can make small, intricate cuts in wood including curved lines. Of course, as is the case with power tools, the more features it has the more expensive it gets to be. Decide on the features that you would require for the job at hand and then buy a jigsaw. It doesn’t exactly make sense to rent a high tech one and use it for minor cutting jobs.

* Chainsaw

This is the go-to power tool for any green thumb. If you have a large yard or many trees near your home, a chainsaw will come in handy when those branches begin to threaten your roof or power lines.

* Electric Multi-Tools

These are more advanced versions of Swiss army knives. They are often small enough to fit in your hand and come with a variety of useful attachments including sanders, engravers, drills, cutting tools, grinders and polishers. They are handy for minor cosmetic repairs and fixing all of those annoying home repairs that pop up such as squeaky hinges, wobbly chairs, and splintery wood.

* Power Screwdriver

Use a hand powered screwdriver? Get frustrated by stripping screws and smashing tender fingers? You can pick up a mini, battery-powered screwdriver on the cheap. This power tool is great for everyone, from college students attempting to construct confusing Swedish furniture, to those who don’t have the physical strength to dislodge tight screws, to clumsy people. It takes much of the frustration out of simple home repairs.


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