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The 5 Benefits of Utilizing Hilti Instruments

The 5 Advantages of Using Hilti tools

1. Hilti tools have been well known for a great deal of time in the construction industry. This is because all tools made by Hilti are durable and powerful. For many years contractors have opted to use these heavy duty tools due to the fact that they can cope with the rough treatment that they very often receive, as well as remain untouched in adverse weather conditions, and deal with the demanding tasks that are found on any construction site.

2. Hilti are also renowned for creating complete fastening solutions, with fasteners that are designed specifically to work with Hilti’s line of quality tools. With these particular types of durable, powerful, and useful solutions, Hilti will last through any project requirement.

Hilti Power tools

3. Hilti power tools are built using the toughest materials available and to specifications that are extremely demanding. Durability and comfort are combined in order to make them easy to use over long periods of time. Diamond drills and hammer drills are included in Hilti’s line of quality power tools for demanding applications as well as a number of other corded and cordless drills and reciprocating saws for various types of applications.

Hilti Fasteners

4. There are many different styles and sizes of the Hilti fasteners. Many are designed to work with Hilti direct fastening tools. Such items included in this category are decking and interior finishing tools, along with heavy duty fastening tools that are able to drive fasteners into steel and concrete.

Threaded studs are one of Hilti’s especially good lines. These heavy duty fasteners can be driven into concrete, or steel, which allows the user to create a fastening point for such items as furniture, e.g. a home bar, or more heavy duty applications such as corner posts for a deck, garage, or a shed.

Hilti Bolts

5. Hilti bolts come in a wide range of styles and sizes. There quality togglerbolts can be used for fabricating a great number of different projects, such as tile drop ceilings. Over recent times, many do it yourself fanatics have discovered that installing these drop ceilings is a fantastic way of finishing off a basement, whilst at the same time, leaving enough space for heating systems, home theatre connections, and wiring.

The Hilti toggler bolts can also be used in hollow wall and drywall projects, where there is no possibility or convenience of placing an anchor to a stud. The toggler bolts are made with high quality zinc and carbon steel to give maximum durability, and they can be installed with ease when using other Hilti tools.

Therefore, in conclusion, I think it can safely be said that Hilti tools can be used for do it yourself projects around the home, or for bigger things, such as on a construction site. They are built to last and deliver great performance.

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