Area Monetization with Area Parking (Adsense Different)

Domain Monetization with Domain Parking (Adsense Alternative)

If you’re looking for a quick monetization alternative where you don’t have to deal with Web Design, Content Creation and other issues, then you need to move your strategy to domain parking.

What is Domain Parking?

Domain Parking allows owners of website addresses, called domain names, to display customized pages for their names.

Those pages are handled by the domain parking companies which usually show relevant ads related to the area of your site. And when someone clicks those ads, you make money.

This means that:

1) You Don’t Have to Design a Website (Design it’s handled by the Parking Company)

2) You Don’t Have to Care About Content (If you’re using Adsense, you must know that you can’t display AdSense ads on empty pages. Well, this doesn’t happen with domain parking).

There are many domain parking companies like Sedo or NameDrive and we’re talking about a big industry with many players involved.

Now… How Do You Get Traffic to Parked Domains?

As Parked Domains Have No Content, it’s not easy to rank with them at the search engines, but, there are some tips that the domainers use.

There are 3 big sources of traffic for parked domains:

1) Type In Traffic

2) Typo Domains

3) Expired Domains with Traffic

If you can dominate this 3 sources of traffic, then you can make big cash with domain parking with less work (forget seo, it’s not required here!).

Domain Parking it’s a Great Domain Monetization Technique that requires no work, but you need to know their secrets.

Once you know them, you’re ready to get into a great industry where you can see results in 48 hs or less.

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