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4 Important Instruments for Furnishings Meeting

4 Essential tools for Furniture Assembly

Finding the perfect furniture piece for your living room, dining room, or bedroom can be quite a challenge. After all, you want to find a piece that is comfortable and functional while also reflecting your personality. In addition, the furniture you purchase needs to look attractive within the room it is placed.

If you plan to assemble your own furniture, there are four tools you will need to have on hand: a drill, a screwdriver, a hammer, and an Allen wrench. Depending upon the furniture and how it is to be assembled, all of these tools may not be necessary. In fact, some pieces require only an Allen wrench, which will be included with the purchase of the furniture.

1. Drill

In some cases, all necessary holes are pre-drilled in the flat pack furniture. This is not always the case, however, so you may need to drill holes in the furniture on your own. Drilling is usually necessary in order to individualize the pieces of furniture to suit your personal needs.

2. Screwdriver

You may also need to use a screwdriver in order to assemble your furniture. Depending upon the types of screws that are included with the furniture pack, you might need a Phillips screwdriver or a flathead screwdriver. A Phillips screwdriver is used with a screw with an indented cross in its head while a flathead screwdriver is used with screws that have a simple indented line. For the convenience of consumers, many screw heads offer an indentation that can accept both the Phillips and the flathead screwdriver. In this case, either type of screwdriver can be used, though you will still need to select one that is the appropriate size.

3. Hammer

A hammer might also be necessary to help with assembling your flat pack furniture. While you won’t be hammering in nails, you might need to use the hammer to pound in pegs or other pieces that need to be pushed together tightly. Care must be taken when using a hammer, however, because it is easy to accidentally dent a furniture piece or to otherwise cause damage to occur.

4. Allen Wrench

The Allen wrench, which is also called a hex key, is a simple tool that looks like a bent piece of metal. Despite its simplicity, this tool is often the only tool necessary for assembling flat pack furniture because it is light, easy to use, and quite effective.

Regardless of the tools that are necessary for assembling flat pack furniture, it is important to gather them all ahead of time. By having all of the tools gathered in your work area, you can be certain you will have the tools you need and you will be capable of assembling the furniture quickly and properly.

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