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Energy of Unconscious Thoughts – Planting Your Backyard

Power of Subconscious Mind – Planting Your Garden

The tremendous power of subconscious mind simply cannot be denied. Over the centuries there has been much study into the secrets of the mind. The last few decades have delved deeper into the study of the subconscious. Research has revealed the power of the subconscious and the role it plays in our daily lives.

Some studies show that your conscious mind only comprises approximately 12% of your total mind and is the only part that actually “thinks.” You use your conscious mind for tasks such as planning and problem solving.

Your subconscious however comprises a much larger percentage of your mind. The subconscious acts like a giant recorder, carefully filing away every experience that come into your life. Regardless if the event is joyful or traumatic, brings pleasure or pain, or results in success or failure, they are all filed away in the memory banks of the subconscious. Along with the events, your emotions associated with those events are also recorded and tied together in a neat little package. Are you beginning to see the power of subconscious mind?

Take a moment and visualize your subconscious mind as a very fertile garden. This garden is full of little seeds, some planted by you and many planted by others in your life. When you were a young child, your parents were the primary gardeners that planted the first seeds. If they planted seeds of encouragement, trust, love, praise and support, you likely had a beautiful flowering garden blooming in the Spring of your life.

On the other hand if they planted seeds of doubt, ridicule, distrust, abandonment and neglect or abuse, what should have been a garden of beauty is likely now either barren or overrun with weeds, briers and thorns, constantly choking out the good seeds that lie beneath the surface.

Parents are not the only gardeners in our lives. Teachers, friends, enemies and other family members all drop seeds as they come in and out of our garden. We also plant our own seeds as we walk along life’s pathway. The more good seeds that are planted, the more fruits and flowers our garden will yield. Likewise, the more bad seeds that are sown, the greater the number of weed and thistles are produced.

One of the marvelous secrets of the mind is that learned behaviors can be overwritten. Negative thoughts and attitudes can be replaced with positive ones. Destructive habits can be broken. By learning to use mind powers you can tap into the power of subconscious mind and begin to reap the benefits of the abundant garden you were meant to have.

Once we become our own gardeners, and we all do, we have the opportunity to dig up our garden, till the soil and begin the process of replanting. What was once a barren wasteland can be cultivated into a luscious fertile garden full of fruits, flowers, vegetables and every good thing imaginable to you. You are the gardener and it’s your garden. Start replanting today!

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