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Earth Pleasant Composting

Earth Friendly Composting

Municipalities throughout the United States require residents and businesses, such as construction companies, to dispose of organic waste in 30 gallon paper bags that can then be transported to composting facilities rather than land fills. The problem with paper is that when it rains, the bags get wet, messy and difficult to handle. We have come up with an alternative to paper bags, earth friendly plastic bag or plastic film material called Terraturn XP that can be used to replace paper bags or organic waste disposal. Terraturn XP has the ability to biodegrade swiftly and safely during municipal or commercial composting, yet stands up to water.

Terraturn XP is made from an additive called Ecoflex. We use this additive because it is already BPI-certified and meets ASTM D6400 specifications for composting plastics.

With these properties the material is ideal for bags, paper coatings, disposable packaging or agriculture sheeting because it decomposes in soil or in compost without leaving any residues. The use of compost-able plastic bin liners or bags make recycling programs cleaner and easier, therefore improving participation and increasing the amount of materials to divert.

Studies have shown an overall participation rate increase of 10% when residents and generators are allowed to us compost-able bags.

There are many opportunities for products made from these raw materials that make a lot of sense.

These include those products that cannot be economically recycled because they are inefficient to collect and process, such as plastic coated plates, cups, bowls and food service items that are often used in cafeterias and other institutions.

As a new industry grows and the properties of the materials improve, more products will appear in the market.

Challenges to be successful in biodegradable market:

*ASTM D6400 based testing in an approved third party lab and confirmation by an independent reviewer.

*Time it has taken to get approval of Terraturn XP.

*Only 12 month shelf life for bags and film.

*Getting the BPI symbol is a true statement to the development of a truly biodegradable product and generates confidence in customers, as products will degrade completely when used in conjunction with composting facilities.

*A growing interest among consumers and business owners as a number of municipalities are currently purchasing bags from P&R and distributors are showing a desire to carry Terraturn XP.

* Added options for interested clients as P&R offers flexographic printing on film and bags.

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