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Learn how to Design a Good Person Pleasant Web site

How to Design a Good User Friendly Website

How to Design a Good User Friendly Website

The purpose of website designing can be anything like getting popularity, selling products or earning through ads etc. But any of these things can be achieved only if you have a website that is user friendly.

Now the question is what is user friendly website?

A user friendly website is the one which a user can navigate easily and get for what he is looking for. Such websites can be created easily with a systematic planning and its implementation. Some of the top factors which are important for developing a user friendly website can be following:

Include a text sitemap: Make a sitemap for your website and put its link on your pages. The sitemap must include the links of your pages (if your website is a large one then pick main landing pages). It helps user to find what they are looking for directly.

Use constant or regular layout: Stick with similar layout for the website. If your website is too big then make regular layouts for all pages of one section. A consistent layout helps user in navigating through the site.

Color Combination: Color Combination of a website is a prime factor that attracts visitors and users, so use the best combination of colors. Determine that whether all the fonts are readable or not.

Proper Structuring and Navigation: The website must be properly structured or linked. Try to make logical navigation structure with proper linking.

Broken Links: Check your website for broken links and remove them if any.

Site Search: You can include an option of site search for users to search within you site for what they are looking for.

Provide Easy language: Write quality content for your website but keep in mind that it should be easy to understand.

Form Functionality and other dynamic factors: Make sure the forms on your website are working well enough.

Contact Information and feedback: Give your contact information (must be correct) and give a feedback option to users.

Search Engine Friendly: Try to make your site search engine friendly.

Using the above ideas one can make his site user friendly.

It is said that first impression is last impression and the first impression of a website comes from its graphical view so be sure that your website’s first impression is a good one if not great.

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