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What’s New in Magento Enterprise Version 1.14.2?

What's New in Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2?

What’s New in Magento Enterprise Edition 1.14.2?

Magento has recently announced the release of its new enterprise edition 1.14.2. This new version has opened up new opportunities for Magento development professionals and eCommerce businesses to leverage from in order to accelerate business growth.

Some of the highlights of this new release are:

Category sorting rules

The all new Magento comes with five new automated product sorting rules that help you drive more sales from category pages. It also helps you better engage your customers. This new feature enables you to completely re-arrange the category pages to feature best sellers or low stock items or new products at the top of the list. You can also sort products by color within a category. This makes it easy to configure color grouping for seasonal sales.

The highlight of this feature is that merchant intervention is not required for maintaining the merchandizing strategy.

Google Tag Manager

Google tag manager is included with the new Magento Enterprise Edition enables merchants to add tracking tags to their eCommerce site that allows you to measure audience, personalization, retargeting and search engine marketing and lots more. All this can be done without modifying the code. It enables faster time to market and enables accurate data collection and allows you to ship the results directly to Google Analytics or other third party analytics solutions.

Overall, you can gauge how well your site is doing and how successful your campaigns are.

Technology updates

Among the technology updates, this version of Magento includes the latest version of the Zend Framework. It also includes Redis integration.

Community Edition coming soon

Magento also announced that Magento Community Edition 1.9.2 will soon be available for download.

Mobile SDK for iOS

With the Magento Mobile SDK for iOS, you can easily create a full featured eCommerce app for your iPhone. It includes all the features required to run a successful mobile store like checkout process, customer accounts, and promotions. It also includes an API to connect to your e-store.

Functional Testing Framework

Around 170 automated functional tests are included which will help improve the quality of your online store.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analysis is made easy with the new Relic integration and gives you great insights into hosting environment health. You can also measure your app performance and identify potential problems and sort out issues with performance. You can also create customized dashboards to better understand your reports.

Web performance

Improvements will be seen in the web application performance and improved cloud deployments to offer a great customer experience no matter where the site is hosted. It proactively optimizes the website performance and dynamically scales with traffic demands. This is very useful at peak traffic when website demands high server resources and capacity.

Well, Magento has come up with great features in this new and improved Enterprise Edition, opening up new opportunities for online stores and Magento development professionals to take advantage of. Since it includes a mobile software development kit and performance enhancing features, this version of Magento seems just right to build a perfect online store!

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