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Crown of Ages (Half 2) – Elemental Resistance, Quicker Hit Restoration & In-Destruction – What’s Higher?

Crown of Ages (Part 2) – Elemental Resistance, Faster Hit Recovery & In-Destruction – What’s Better?

All Resistances +20-30

This boost to All Resistances might look small compared to those provided by other items, but it is still very, very decent and definitely one of the many plus points of Crown of Ages.

+30% Faster Hit Recovery

When your character gets him, there are a few frames of animation. If your opponent hits you for 1/12 of your hit points or more, you also run the risk of being stunned. Faster Hit Recovery helps your character recover from being hit by their enemies; the more you have, the faster you can recover from blows and dish out your own damage.

Socketed (1-2)

The addition of 1 or 2 sockets in Crown of Ages is wonderful for many players, because it allows for customization of the helm according to the players. If, for example, they decide that they need a bigger boost to All Resistances, they can sock an UM in the helm for a 15% boost to All Resistances. Or if it’s Physical Resistance that you’re after and want more, you can always add a Ber Rune in the helm for an extra 8% of Physical Resistance on top of the Helm’s 10-15%.


With this mod on Crown of Ages, that means you’ll never need to bring it to the blacksmith to have it repaired, because it never reduces in Durability and thus never break down.


The Crown of Ages is a very popular helm among Diablo 2 Players due to all its mods being great and useful and despite its very high Strength requirement. It is also highly customizable due to the 1-2 sockets on it, a mod valued by experienced players as they can equip the helm with a variety of Runes, Jewels or Gems to suit their own favorite playing style or Diablo 2 build. A 2 socket Crown of Ages stuffed with 2 BER Runes for an additional +16% Physical Resistance bonus (on top of the helm’s 10-15% Physical Resistance) is a wonderful option for those who are trying to go for a build that focuses on high levels of Physical Resistance.

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