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Internet Internet hosting Primer For Newbies

Web Hosting Primer For Newbies

Web Hosting Primer For Newbies

If you are planning to launch a low budget web site you will find countless low cost web hosting plans. Sometimes you will get confused after analyzing these plans as they promise everything and sometimes too much in surprisingly low cost.

Define your needs first

The very first thing that should be done is to clearly define your exact needs and requirements. Analyze how much disk space you will need initially and try to anticipate the additional space that will be needed later on. If your site is going to have static pages with few images then even 20MB disk space is enough. But if your site is going to have dynamic pages with audio and video content then more disk space and database is needed. Some low cost plans offer only 1 or 2 databases of limited size ranging from 10MB to 50 MB. Let your technical expert assess how many databases will be needed and how large it can grow in near future. Another important factor is monthly data transfer. If you are going to spend some budget on seo and advertising of your site then you can anticipate decent amount of traffic within six months. Remember, the bandwidth consumed in maintaining and uploading content on your site is counted in your monthly data transfer quota. So if your site is going to have large amount of fresh content on daily basis then you will need good amount of bandwidth.

Choose the appropriate plan

Once you have clearly defined your web site requirements and features, its time to do some research for choosing the most appropriate hosting plan that will suit your requirements and your wallet. A typical low cost hosting plan comes in the range of $4/month to $6/month. Most hosting providers give discount if the plan is taken for 12, 24 or 36 months, which can save up to 20% of your cost. Carefully read all the terms and conditions before taking the plan as it may have some hidden costs which may haunt you later. The most effective way to get the feedback about the hosting company is to contact existing customers and to hear their opinion. Specifically ask about support services. If existing customers are satisfied with the support services then put this company in your probable list. When you have short-listed all the companies then you can compare their hosting plans and should choose wisely as per your analysis. Always involve your technical expert in each decision making phase. Your potential hosting company should provide 24×7 technical support. After taking the plan you should check the promptness of technical support within one week in peak hours as it is crucial in running your website successfully without any hassle.

It may happen that you may not get good experience with your first hosting provider. Many new web site owners and novice webmasters may experience this situation. Choosing a good hosting provider and right hosting plan comes with experience.

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