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Versatile Photo voltaic Panels – 4 Makes use of For the Outside Adventurer

Flexible Solar Panels – 4 Uses For the Outdoor Adventurer

Flexible Solar Panels are products of thin film technology. These newly engineered solar products are available in the market today through the internet. Thin film solar cells and panels have allowed many types of products and applications to be introduced to the consumer through solar backpacks, athletic apparel and clothing.

Scientists and outdoor enthusiasts are developing ways of utilizing and improving this technology for all of us. These solar cells are powered by the sun using photovoltaic. The flexible solar panel is a perfect low wattage and environmentally friendly space saving solution.

These flexible solar panels will charge up the battery you need to run your basic necessities. You can roll them up to move and store them in a convenient way. These are great solutions for camping or marine excursions where you do not have the space for a traditional solar panel. They come in a variety of sizes and offer multiple wattage power. They are lightweight at less than 2 pounds each. Here is a list of the many uses of flexible solar panels.

1. Power for Cell Phones, Walkie Talkies and Ipods: Until just recently, solar panels had many limitations. They were huge and bulky. Because of the public and government awareness to find better sources of energy for all of us, better designs have been made to offer smaller solar panels that were easy to carry around. These flexible solar panels can lay flat on the ground or the roof of your vehicle to power cell phones and walkie talkies and Ipods. They can then be easily rolled up to put inside your car, boat or backpack.

2. Power Laptops and Radios: Many of these panels allow you to plug them into a Battery with your power cord just like you would into the wall of your home. This allows for powering everything from power tools, laptops, radios and even small televisions.

3. Recharge Batteries: Flexible solar panels can be used in a many circumstances, such as to recharge the battery on your boat. Flexible solar panels are now being engineered to fit inside backpacks and jackets. For the adventurer, the thin-film technology allows you to document your travels more efficiently then ever before. You will not need to carry many heavy batteries.

4. Power Equipment Anywhere: These rolled panels are solid and can be depended on for durability. They are not made from glass, so they will not break. You can use them almost anywhere because they are temperature and weather tolerant. Many flexible solar panels or rolled up and can be carried and used almost anywhere. They can even be used in the middle of the ocean. Extreme kayakers used thin-film technology to document their journeys. For the average person, this thin-film technology can be used in the same way. If we are camping or heading out to the lake, we can roll the flexible solar panels out on the ground or the roof of our boat or car and power our gear.

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