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How To Make Solar String Lights

Solar powered string lights are a great way to add light around your deck or patio and to create a relaxing and fun ambiance for when you have a party or even a small gathering of friends and family. You can purchase these lights online or at your home improvement store. Buy them for $20 to $40 and than find a way in which you can turn them into something more dramatic and with more flare.

Most solar string lights come with bare bulbs. They are efficient at providing you with light – but not so good at adding decoration to a deck or patio. When you buy them you need to know where you want them to be placed. Keep in mind that they must go in a place where they will receive a good amount of sunlight during the day.

String the lights along the garden bushes, around the trellis, or over the porch awning. You could even string them along your patio table. For the ones that will be kept in an inaccessible area it would be best to string copper along it. These types of lights are usually small and will allow you to use various themed designs made from copper. Place them in between or over the small bulbs.

You can be even more unique and create your own design out of craft copper. Purchase a small roll at your local hobby or hardware store. Cut the copper shades to fit the bulbs. This material is thin and should cut easily. You can use one shape for all of them or create a pattern of different types.

Place two holes on either side of the base of the shape with a hammer and nail. The hole should only be large enough to thread wire through it. Extend the wire through them all and attach the copper shades to the lights. For a more dramatic effect you can have the light shining through the copper.

Solar lights have so many advantages. Not only are they brighter than traditional string lights, but they also burn less hot. In fact, most led based lights give off very little heat at all, making them safer to hang around your home with far less risk of starting a fire or damaging your plants or landscaping. led based solar lights also save you a ton of money on power bills. Quite an advantage!


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