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The right way to Enhance the Vertical Leap – 3 Soar Increased Workouts That Work

How to Improve the Vertical Leap – 3 Jump Higher Exercises That Work

How to improve the vertical leap…that’s the question of the hour. There are many jump higher exercises that work…but they are not easy and they require dedication.

Don’t listen to the lies

All too many websites say that you just pop their pill or in your mouth and you will instantly be able to do a 360 or windmill jam, this obviously isn’t true.

Like achieving anything else worthwhile, increasing your athleticism will require time and effort. The only way to stay consistent and dedicated and you will see results.

The best methods for how to get your vertical higher…

#1) Box jump

This one is very simple but one of the most effective methods for how to improve the vertical leap. All you do is get a box or something strong enough to hold your weight, and that is roughly knee height.

Now jump to the side of it, and the split second you hit the ground…explode back on the box. This is awesome for strengthening the fast twitch muscles necessary for jumping.

#2) Sprinting

This is another one of the best jump higher exercises and again it focuses on your fast twitch muscles.

#3) The squat

This is often called “the king” of exercises and for good reason. It is great for strengthening the leg and upper body muscles but…

Be careful when doing the squat

If you don’t know how to squat make sure you look it up online or get a lesson from a personal trainer. This is because the squat can tear your knees up when not done properly.

Don’t forget…

While the workouts you do are important, the most critical part is that you give 100% the entire time. As soon as you feel yourself starting to slow down, stop.

A critical mistake to avoid

So many athletes make the mistake of continuing to push themselves until they literally can’t do another rep. While this is good for increasing your endurance, it won’t help you add inches to your vertical because jumping is reliant on fast twitch muscles.

Endurance training focuses on your slow twitch fibers. Therefore, short and intense jump higher exercises are how to improve the vertical leap.


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