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Free Pranic Therapeutic

Free Pranic Healing

This natural drug free method can effectively combat the virus.

It can be taught and learned within minutes and has been used with amazing results.

I do not advise this technique to be used on either pregnant women or children under 12.

My father when 81 was stricken with the virus and taken to hospital where he lay in a coma.

I arrived to find him with tubes and electrodes taped to him and the doctors reporting that he has a 50% survival chance, but pointed out that this can kill 21 year olds, so don’t be too hopeful.

I had learned a way known as Pranic Healing, which is a method of sensing energy fields around the body, and how to cleanse and energize, these areas without touching the person in need. I proceeded to apply the cleansing technique after assessing the intense heat emanating from around dad’s head. As I repeated the cleansing and draining process, over and over, to remove this build up of hot and dirty energy, he began to stir, after a few minutes. I continued for another minute or two, until he started to thrash around ripping out tubes and setting off alarms, to which nurses responded, asking me to leave, which I did.

I returned in ten minutes to find him sitting up in bed waving to me as I approached. He said, Hullo Will, how long have I been there, and did I know where his watch was. He is now 91 and in fine form.

The essence to this technique is firstly to energise the hands and fingertips, to enable them to be more sensitive to feel energy and temperature differences around the body.

Do this by standing with feet comfortably apart, arms at your side and begin shaking the wrists clockwise and anti clockwise reasonably swiftly. Then extend the arms out straight to the side and rotate arms from the shoulders in a windmill like fashion, till you feel the blood rushing into your fingertips. Have your patient lying down or sitting if more convenient. Before you begin to “read them” – either visualise or place a waste container near their feet.

Now place your hands about 10cm or 4″ above the patient’s head, and begin to slowly go around their head, neck, shoulders, chest, arms, torso and legs. As you do this try to both visualize this energy field, and feel through your hands the temperature changes as you go. Now remember at which parts of the body the temperature and nature of the energy was centralised, be it hot or cold. The intention is to clear away excessive hot energy and to re energise areas that appear too cold.

As you swipe over this energy from head to toe, imagine that you are dragging the hot, dirty energy away and flicking it off your fingertips when you reach the waste bin each time. Repeat this process as fast as you feel comfortable with and really “see” this taking place as you go, so that with each pass, more and more filth is being eliminated. This is the cleansing process for hot areas.

The second part to this technique is the energising process for colder areas, which may not be needed for the Meningococal virus treatment, but useful for other conditions like, Pneumonia.

You would begin by energising the hands as before, but this time you need to place only the right hand if your right-handed over the colder area, whilst holding the other arm up and extend the hand towards what you believe to be the heavens, and cosmic energy. Imagine this energy being absorbed by this hand and passing down your arm, across your chest and down your other arm and hand to radiate outward and into the patient’s affected area. Breath slowly and deeply as you perform this.

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