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The Evolution of Web Advertising

The Evolution of Internet Marketing

The Evolution of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is characterized as effectively leveraging your online advertising so you can get a target market that responds to your advertising positively–e.g., purchasing products or availing of services from you. There are some important factors that are critical in the success of internet marketing. These are marketing and promotion, web development and web design.

There are actually many kinds of internet marketing. Search engine marketing refers to advertising your products in search engines such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo. E-mail marketing, on the other hand, provides product or service information to consumers through e-mails or subscription to mailing lists.

One of the most popular Internet programs, affiliate marketing, means commissioning small businessmen to carry your product line in exchange of percentage of sales. Interactive advertising is done through setting up of blogs and forums where you can encourage people to say their opinion about your product or service or even about your company in general.

Viral marketing uses social networking communities to market their products. Such sites have large audience reach, found in different parts of the world.

Internet marketing relies on some known business blueprints. This includes P2P, B2B, and B2C varieties. The first model, peer to peer, entails people to exchange information and even merchandises among themselves. B2B, or business to business, is made up of companies that are making business transactions with each other. Lastly, B2C refers to direct sales to consumers.

PPC or pay per click advertising is one model known to generate big revenues through ads. With this scheme, advertisers will only have to pay every time the user clicks on the ad to drop by their website. The bidding is based on keywords that advertisers think are most searched by their target market in search engines, especially if they’re searching for a particular product.

Every time the user’s keyword directly matches with that of the advertiser, their ads will be featured in the Search Results page. Majority of these search engines make use of this scheme, as evident by MSN AdCenter, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and Google AdWords.

PPA, or pay per action, is similar to PPC, since it also dwells on ads. However, with PPA, an advertiser only gets to pay when there’s an action undertaken by the user, such as a click on the ad, filling out a survey or questionnaire, or through purchase of a product. eBay, AdContext and Google AdSense are some of the classic examples.

Every day there are newer schemes employed when it comes to marketing products. Soon they’ll attain such prominence enjoyed by PPC or PPA. And the evolution of internet marketing will never put to its final rest.

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