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The Secret to Monetary Freedom in Simply 9 Hours Per Month by Internet hosting Vacationing Visitors

The Secret to Financial Freedom in Just 9 Hours Per Month by Hosting Vacationing Guests

The Secret to Financial Freedom in Just 9 Hours Per Month by Hosting Vacationing Guests

One of the best kept secrets that I am going to share with you is that renting a room by the night to vacationing guests can bring in two to three times more income than a regular monthly tenant. It’s simple math. If you rent a room in your home for let’s say, $500 per month and, for argument’s sake, we say that there are thirty days in a month, then that works out to just $16.67 per night. However, a really great nightly rate for a vacationing guest of just $49 works out to $1,470 income per month for you. This is a simple yet powerful secret that you can use to create a steady stream of passive income and ultimately financial freedom.

“But does it really take just ten hours per month?” you may ask. Yes, it does and I will show you how.

You start by setting up your listing online with pictures, a description and your desired pricing. This is a case of, “If you build it, they will come” because all of the marketing is done for you. So you sit back, relax, drink a cup of coffee and watch the inquiries roll in. Or, better yet, you receive email notifications on your smart phone while you are playing tennis and keep your new business going from the courts, or even the beach, or the spa if you prefer.

When you get an inquiry, you decide if you would like these lovely folks to stay in your room.

Your new potential guest or guests provide a photo of themselves. You read why they are coming to town; either for business or pleasure.

You read the reviews that other hosts have left for that guest to determine if they were well-behaved or not.

You then decide if you will approve their stay, decline their stay, or ask a few more questions before making your decision. You are in complete control of who you allow in your home.

Responding to emails throughout the month might amount to a total of 1 hour of your time.

The guest ultimately books their stay and you get their room ready. This includes things like cleaning the restroom, putting clean sheets on the bed and leaving a mint on the pillow.

If each guest stayed for one week, you would have 4 guests in a month and you would spend about an hour each time you set up the room for the next guest.

Cleaning and preparing the room totals about 4 hours per month.

And now I will share secret number two with you. Cleaning restrooms and making beds are probably something you’ve done before, just because you had to, right? Well now, you can charge an additional cleaning fee and get paid to do it!

Secret number three: if you collect a fee to clean the rooms, you can also pay someone else to clean the rooms with that money which frees up 4 hours per month for you to do other things, whatever your heart desires.

Is that great or great?

The next step is greeting the guests. When they arrive at your door you give them a warm welcome, as if they were family… the part of the family that you really like. Because you have already been in contact with them by email, you feel as if you have known each other for ages and when they finally arrive, you shake their hand, smile, maybe even give them hugs and welcome them by name.

Even though they have been traveling, often times from half way around the world, arriving at your place makes your new guests feel safe, secure and completely at ease.

Now you give them a quick tour, show them to their room and help them get settled in.

Warm welcomes and the settling in process take about 1 hour per month.

So far you have put in about 6 hours of work, if you can call it that.

The rest is completely optional. Getting to know your guests, chatting over coffee, discussing their plans while in town and wishing them well as they go out the door to explore your city for the entire day can take about 3 hours. After that, they are out and about so much, often coming in after you are asleep, that you may not see them at all.

Bonus: on the morning after your guests check in, payment is automatically deposited into your online bank account. No need to hound the guest for payment. No need to purchase a merchant account or accept credit cards. No need to worry about the current conversion rate from Euros to American dollars. It is all handled for you through your free website. Easy peazy.

Having the money transferred electronically by a third party is also very powerful because it removes the sales aspect of the hosting process from your relationship with the guest and leaves you to build a strong friendship. Another benefit of having money deposited electronically to your bank is that you are now freed up to work anywhere, even from a beach in Aruba. In fact you can have several properties around the world that you rent out and never have to be there. It’s all how you go about setting it up and I am here to help.

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