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The Benefits and Disadvantages of a Photo voltaic Fountain

The Advantages and Disadvantages of a Solar Fountain

A solar fountain is a great accessory for your home, office or garden. You enjoy all the benefits that a fountain offers in an environmentally conscious way. Solar fountains also save you money as they don’t use electricity.

Apart from the obvious advantages of solar fountains, there are other reasons why buying one makes sense. You don’t need an electrical outlet to plug it in. So you can actually use solar water fountains both inside and outside the house. If used inside the house, it acts as a humidifier. That cuts down on the usage of the actual humidifier. When used outside, it can be set up anywhere in your yard or garden. All you need are solar panels to get it in a working order.

There are a variety of shapes and designs of solar fountains available to suit every taste and budget. They are created the same way and with the same material as other fountains. As mentioned before, they come with a detached solar panel.

The most important thing about using a solar fountain is location. You have to place the fountains in sunlight, preferably direct sunlight. This is because unlike other solar energy sources, a solar fountain panel does not accumulate solar energy that can be used later. If you put the panel in a shady area, say under a tree in the garden, the fountain will not function very well.

That is one of the disadvantages of getting a solar fountain. It works well in sunny areas. If you live in a place where it snows, it’s probably better to buy a different kind of a fountain altogether. In case of a drop of temperature in the winter months, all you have to do is disconnect the solar fountain pump to prevent any damage. Cloudy days also affect the working of the fountain. The fountains do not work at night, for obvious reasons.

Of all the fountains available, solar fountains are the lowest maintenance ones and are also very easy to use. Depending on the kind of fountain that you buy, you can place the solar panels as far as fifteen feet away. There are many ways you could place the panels. You could mount it or place it on the stake that’s provided by the company anywhere, on the lawn or any other surface area. Some solar fountains also come equipped with electrical pumps that you can, if you choose to, use to run the fountain on a cloudy day.

Despite its disadvantages, solar water fountains are still good value for money. It has a lot of advantages. Apart from being environmentally friendly, easy to use and low maintenance, it is also safe. The fountain goes off all by itself. You don’t really have to worry about turning it off before you go to bed or when you go away for the weekend. Like all fountains, it is great for attracting birds. It looks good and provides you with the soothing and relaxing sounds of flowing water.


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