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Create a Inexperienced Residence With DIY Photo voltaic Panel Plans

Create a Green Home With DIY Solar Panel Plans

One of the best ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home is to add alternative energy sources such as solar panels, or wind turbines. These systems are becoming more and more affordable, due to cheaper technology and government incentive programs. But, you can still easily spend a lot of money trying to build a home solar system. A professionally installed retail priced home solar electric system can still easily cost over $10,000 after government savings.

The best way to save money when installing your home solar system is to use DIY home solar panel plans and create the panels and install them yourself. This is not as difficult as one may suspect. There are a number of guides that can be found online giving detailed and easy to follow written and video instructions on how to build the solar panels, how to install them, how to connect them to your home, tie into the grid and everything else you need to know.

Another advantage of building a solar electric system yourself is you have the freedom to build one panel at a time as money allows. You can start small without committing to a big system, and if you enjoy those first couple panels, add more as time and money allow.

The possibilities are huge for residential solar energy. With the rising cost of energy solar power will only become more attractive in the future. Also, more states are allowing what is called Net Metering, allowing homeowners to sell excess power generated by their solar panels back to the utility company. When excess electricity is being produced the power meter will run backwards, effectively lowering or in some cases eliminating the owners power bill completely.

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