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Photo voltaic Torrent 45W Photo voltaic Panel Overview – 1000 Volts To Energy Up Your RV With Severe Photo voltaic Power

Solar Torrent 45W Solar Panel Review – 1000 Volts To Power Up Your RV With Serious Solar Energy

The solar torrent 455 solar panel is one of many panels on the market today — but this one is really interesting. With an incredible 1000 volts at your fingertips you’ll be able to power up your RV with some serious solar energy.

In addition to an incredible 25 year manufacturer’s warranty, by the time you finish reading my review you’ll understand why it’s so incredibly popular and the preferred choice for so many RV’ers worldwide.

This is a relatively new model and what’s eye catching about it is that it looks a bit like a kitchen tile.

Solar Torrent 45W Features And Specs

  • it has a monocrystalline surface which is very efficient
  • it has a high efficiency rate of 18%
  • it contains textured glass in an anodized aluminum frame
  • it has overall protection from the weather
  • the maximum system voltage output is an astonishing 1000 volts

Now in order to provide an unbiased review of the Solar Torrent 45W Solar Panel it’s important to take a moment to consider what users of the panel have to say about it.

Many seem to consider this panel the “ideal” product for RV enthusiasts. The waterproof chaulking is a popular feature.

One user measured the panel at high noon and was very impressed that the measurements exdeeded any ratings advertised.

Overall, it’s an incredible powerhouse of solar energy and you’ll be amazed at the places you’ll be able to travel to with it without having to worry about power and the Solar Torrent Solar Panel comes highly recommended as an RV energy source of choice.

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