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Tesla Free Vitality Generator – The Secret From 100 Years Earlier than

Tesla Free Energy Generator – The Secret From 100 Years Before

Unfortunately, other energy companies still not admit the advantages of free energy and even mislead people about it. They ignore the truth to protect their investment, profits and shareholders though they do know what it can bring to the world. It has affected people’s attitude toward free energy, and created the obstruction which kept everyone away from the familiarization with it.

Although the energy companies have provided us with their electricity for decades, we could not help wondering how we could continue to afford its price as it is becoming more and more expensive. Moreover, these kinds of energy are not friendly to our environment. Should we continue to use their electricity? Or is this just a part of their plan, which brings us long-term effects? May be in the future we still have to depend on them, generating their free and friendly to our environment energy.

So what can we do now? Before having any comment about this problem, we must find out what those companies are going to do. We could either be angry, complaining about our being taken advantage of for such a long time or we could just try to figure out the way to help ourselves out of this situation. But how about having our own opinion?

We are depending too much on fossil fuels. However, this source is not an inexhaustible one. We over use it without, or worse, with the knowing what our future generation have to suffer. The consequence cannot be clearly seen now but will be in the future. So let just forget what free energy is, but let see if it is possible. We do not need another controversial issue to talk about while the real problem is the threatened world.

It seems to happen one more time. At the beginning of the 20th century, Nikola Tesla claimed that he had found a way to get free energy and he was made fun of by his own friend and investor, J.P. Morgan. It is quite easy to understand since Morgan, just like Edison, was earning money from electricity. As a result, they stopped giving Tesla the fund to continue his researches because they believe he was “mad”. Sadly, the belief can still be seen until now.

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