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Solar Power Home Electricity: A System on the Frontier of Renewable Energy

There is no denying that for the past 110 years, electricity has been the key in providing the resources for the comprehensive developments and advancement achieved by mankind. Now, we look for systems that push forward renewable energy. Solar power home produced electricity is one energy source system.

Look all around us, and you will see that there are new technologies and inventions being developed with a dependence upon electricity. In addition, as the expansion of the world’s economy amplifies so does the huge requirement for electricity. This massive demand is being met by hydroelectric generators, nuclear stations, solar farms, wind systems and other conventional methods of producing electricity.

Electricity producing methods of fossil fuels like coal and oil so far have given us the basic assets to create electricity with the use of steam turbine generators in utility power facilities. However, these techniques have been confirmed to be dangerous to the living ecosystems on earth, and have been mathematically shown to be a limited source of energy. In other words, fossil fuels for generating electricity are not renewable.

You would have to agree, in our present world, we cannot live without electricity. Our demand for electricity power is increasing almost daily and we clamor that new research which will lead us to the creation and expansion of safer and cleaner energy sources. Just as mentioned earlier, solar power home produced electricity is one valuable energy source system.

Basically, in use today for harnessing solar power energy, the two methods of employing solar electricity systems are indirect and direct.

Direct methods

  • use photovoltaic cells, termed solar cells.
  • made from wafer-thin slices of crystalline gallium arsenide, silicon, or other semiconductor materials which transfers solar radiation into a flow of electrons or electricity.
  • solar cells are connected in large numbers into clear anodized aluminum alloy and glass flat panels.
  • modern advancement of solar photovoltaic power cell panels has reduced cost of electricity to 20 – 30 cents per kilowatt-hour.
  • solar technology has been used from the beginning of space exploration to provide electricity energy to satellites both that orbit the earth and travel out into far deep space.
  • solar electricity systems provide a long-term and sustainable energy resource because there are no moving mechanical parts.
  • solar cells have relatively low efficiency rating.
  • solar power panels are dependent on the time of day, weather conditions and often seasonal changes.
  • solar electricity systems need to have an inverter to switch the DC voltage into AC current in order to be consumed in commercial enterprises and in homes.

Indirect methods

  • concentrates solar radiation into a focus so that the energy heats to boiling liquids (often water) which in turn drives turbines to rotate in magnetic field and produces electricity
  • employment of a parabolic trough that is made up of a linear parabolic reflector to concentrate solar energy into a receptor positioned on a focal line from the receiver; then, tubing connected to the turbine filled with liquid that takes in the heat generated through the application of the solar energy
  • this type of solar electricity generating systems has a higher efficiency because the sun’s radiation is pinpointed utilized.
  • other developed technologies extend the indirect power generating efficiency rating by using solar energy towers along with sun reflecting dishes

We have realized through experience that even though fossil fuels are power producing beneficial, they are used with long-term negative consequences.

These realizations of negative outcomes have moved us towards a trend of renewable, non-pollutant sustainable energy to help guarantee life on earth is continued.

Plant life has used solar energy since time immemorial, so why can’t we as intelligent human beings harness this solar power without negative consequences.

In many popular opinions, the big energy companies seem to be holding back progress, and in the intervening period, also are digging up the earth and polluting the oceans. It’s up all earthlings to start looking to the heavens.

Solar power and wind generated electricity systems provide the methods to achieve the goal of sustainable living.


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