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Samsung LED LCD TV Features

The term LED stands for light emitting diodes. It is a new technology that has replaced the use of standard fluorescent tubes in televisions. Samsung LED LCD TV uses this technology to produce extremely fine images.

Samsung TV has received the esteemed “Innovation Award” from the European Image and Sound Association because of its outstanding features and extremely high quality. In Samsung LED television, the TV is based around their LED backlighting technology; more specifically RGB Dynamic LEDs are used for backlighting which enables local dimming thus producing sharper images. Moreover, the color contrast ratio, slimmer designs and environmental friendly features introduced in LED TVs have made them to be in high demand.

There are a number of differences between LED-backlit LCD Televisions and the conventional LCD Television and they are as follows:

  • Images that LED LCD TVs produce are livelier when compared to the conventional LCD TVs.
  • Due to the use of Edge – LED lighting the size of the TV is reduced drastically, thus the thickness of most recent released models is hardly an inch thick.
  • They are energy savers in that they use 40% less power as compared to the ordinary LCD TV that is of a similar size.
  • Due to local dimming capabilities the LED TV produces finer dark images by reducing the white light in the required areas.
  • The problem of viewing the TV from different angles is solved with the introduction of LED lights behind the LCD panels.
  • Price of LED LCD TVs is higher than the traditional LCD TV but the quality of the vibrant images that they produces enhances the viewing experience making the increased cost worth it!

Thus we can say without any doubt that the LED Samsung TV has enhanced home viewing and the enjoyment of watching your favorite films, programs and video games even if it does come at a slight premium.


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