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Glow Sticks Invitations are Easy!

Those having glow sticks parties can do well to match their glow in the dark theme with other accents for guests. You can give glow sticks products as party favors, use glow sticks decorations and put up black lights to help set off the phosphorescent glow and even hand out themed invitations that glow in the dark.

It’s easy to make glow in the dark invitations. You can accent them with glow stickers, ink and paint. Or you can make neon and black invitations that will glow under a black light. Glow in the dark products work because they contain phosphors that are charged up by exposure to a light source causing them to give off light particles or photons in the dark. The newest kind of phosphor being used today is Strontium Aluminate. It will usually be mixed into a plastic and molded into all kinds of toys, watches and even acrylic paints.

You can find glow in the dark paint made with this new longer lasting phosphor online or in many stores that can be used to create the writing on your invitations. One fun trick is to buy glow in the dark paint that is invisible or clear in the light and use it on your invitations. You’ll have to make up your invitations in the darkness though so that you can see what you are writing.

Use blank white paper to set off the glow of your writing in the dark. You’ll have to write in regular ink on the front of your invitation a clue of some sort for guests to decode the mystery of their blank invitations. A message like, “You’ll find that I glow with news for you” might work well.

The receivers of your glow in the dark invitations may need to hold the invitations under a light for a few minutes in order to charge up the phosphors in the paint for a good strong glow.


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