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Secure Domain Registration

Registering your domain name is the first step you can take to ensure your presence on the Internet. Each registered domain name is unique, although there are some unscrupulous individuals and organizations that ?steal? the identity of a known website to ride on its popularity. You may encounter cyber-squatting, wherein another company takes a domain name that closely resembles yours, and therefore, steals a percentage of your site traffic.

If you sign up with an Internet service provider (ISP) to register your site, consider the security services that it offers. If it can safeguard your domain name from theft, then all the better. Threats of cyber-squatting are everywhere, and if you can prevent another company from taking away your chances of making profit, then investing in secure domain registration becomes worth it.

Secure domain registration varies from ISP to ISP. Arguably the best security domain registration processes go through the following steps:

First, whenever a new domain name is registered, it is automatically locked to your account ensuring that only authorized personnel within the ISP can make changes to the domain name information.

Second, if a domain transfer request has been approved but a transfer does not take place within 10 work days, then the name will be automatically locked to the original account.

Third, all transfers and transactions have an audit trail, allowing the ISP administrator to keep track of the dates and times of any domain name transfers that occur. This practice provides you with an additional level of security for your domain name.

Fourth, all domain name accounts are set to high-security settings by default. Any changes to critical settings require proper e-mail verification. Even after the e-mail verification is received by the ISP administrator, another verification is done. This second verification ensures the legitimacy of the request and confirms that the request was indeed made by the owner of the registered domain name. If the request still seems suspicious, the owner of the registered name will be contacted personally and an interview will take place.

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