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The Benefits of Utilizing Photo voltaic LED Lights

The Advantages of Using Solar LED Lights

The Advantages of Using Solar led Lights

City lighting is a kind of science, culture and art. City lighting project show figure and arrangement of one city, it is a social system project. Solar led light is favorite because of its efficient energy-saving results and intelligent lighting control function; it is environment friendly and never consumes non-renewable energy, so it is very easy to be acceptable by customer. If there is enough sunshine, there is big market for solar led light.

With rapid development of China economy, we need more and more energy, now energy shortage has become an important factor which influences the development of China economy. To develop and use solar energy is one of sustainable energy policy of every country. Now promotion of optoelectronics technology, every country starts to put big money to develop this kind of technology in order to get more market in the world. To be the second energy consumer, it is also one of these countries.

1. Market study of solar led light

To compare with other countries, China is almost 10-15 years backwards than other developed countries, even India. Now our optoelectronics technology is developing at 30% annually, 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, call on building new socialist countryside, and policy for energy consumption decreasing 20% in coming 5 years, these three provide big opportunity to solar energy industry. Also with government preferential policy announcement on renewable energy development, we already so many good situation, we only need to invest very small amount of money, we will get big profit. It is inevitable results that solar energy will replace traditional non-renewable energy.

Now, solar led light only occupy a very little market, less than 20%, it can be arrive at 20% after 5 years. Solar led light is the most environmental friendly, energy-saving and promotion easily lamp, it will have a very prosperous future.

2. Working method of solar led light

In day time, when sunshine is shining on solar panel, the light will transfer to electricity, under help of intelligent controller; this electricity will be stored in battery. When night comes, intelligent controller will switch on the control unit and provide electricity to led lamp automatically, and then lamp will work. After night finish and dawn come, when solar panel get the sunshine, the controller will switch off the lamp and make the whole system under charging condition.

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