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The Testatika Free Power Gadget

The Testatika Free Energy Device

The Testatika Free Energy Device

There is electricity in the air, and for years inventors have been trying to harness that electricity into useable energy. Along the years several devices have come into existence such as the electrostatic motor by Benjamin Franklin in the 1700’s, however it’s power output was not very high. The Wimshurst is a high voltage mechanism that was created in the 1800’s that can be hand started, it produces a lot of sparking, but it’s practical uses are considered unimportant.

When it comes to electrostatic devices the one that stands out is the Testatika also known as the Methernitha Testatika. The Testatika is a hybrid of the Wimshurst device that is much more efficient. The Testatika is also known as the Swiss ML Converter. This device has been in operation for more than 20 years in the Swiss Community of Methernitha. Scientists don’t understand how this device produces excess energy (useable energy). This device is considered a wonder, due in most part to its excess energy output. The Swiss community considers the outside world unprepared for this technology, and for that reason they are keep this device secret from the outside world. Since they are keeping this machine under wraps we cannot study it and copy it’s technology for the rest of the modern world.

There is no doubt that this device could be an answer to the world’s energy needs. If only we could study it and copy it’s mechanical makeup. The Swiss however consider that the rest of the world is not spiritually ready for such a device. Who knows, they may be right, we all know that oil and greed are ruling a major part of the world right now. Oil is what is ruling the stock markets of the world. Without oil the stock markets would tumble around the world.

Many intelligent minds would argue with great merit that that would be worth the sacrifice to have such a technology. Even if the stock markets would tumble, at least we would have an alternative to oil which pollutes our atmosphere. If the Testatika can power a small Swiss community it could surely power other communities around the world. If we were to build larger versions of the Testatika we might even be able to power industrial complexes and power plants alike.

There will come a day in the future when we will have no choice but to embrace such a pollution-free technology. If we keep on the road we are on now, we will continue to pollute our planet until the living conditions on Earth are no longer sustainable for us.

Let us hope that one day the Swiss will deem us ready to embrace their Testatika device with open arms.

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