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My Software Business, an online business in a box package, is a complete solution for marketers interested in selling a high demand product to online business people looking for a sales letter creating tool. It has helped me start earning an income from selling software without requiring to have the knowledge and spend the time developing my own website. This package includes all the readymade tools that I simply plug and play to start selling the Sales Letter Creator software.

1. How Do You Start Making Money with My Software Business?

All I did was input my ClickBank and PayDotCom payment links and started receiving orders a few hours after I activated my website. I also got full access rights to use the Sales Letter Creator tool, which helped me generate high converting sales letters for other niche markets that I was selling to.

2. Is My Software Business Package Worth the Money?

The total costs of this package do not only cover the marketing tools and website you get for the Sales Letter Creator software. Clients also get readymade tools on an affiliate page made for them that helps them recruit people to promote the software for them. This has further amplified my sales further and is something I was not really expecting before I made my purchase. Coupled with the professional graphic designs of all the product covers + web pages and the time it has helped me save, I must say that purchasing this package was money well spent.

3. Who Developed My Software Business?

These tools were designed by professional online software businessmen Adeel Chowdhry and Bobby Walker. They have lots of experience writing professional sales pages and making new business software for sale. Their services usually cost thousands of dollars due to the high conversion rates and quality of websites and tools made.

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