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Low cost Cricut Cartridges – Reminiscence Makers

Cheap Cricut Cartridges - Memory Makers

Cheap Cricut Cartridges – Memory Makers

The availability of cheap Cricut cartridges is in part responsible for turning the art of making scrapbooks into an extremely popular past time. What began as a personal hobby for many scrapbooking fans has turned into a world wide phenomenon. In fact, websites that cater to scrapbook enthusiasts boast of well over 500,000 subscribers to their online newsletters. We want to share with you how these affordable die cut cartridges can turn your arts and crafts projects into lasting memory makers.

The Provo Craft Cricut Expression die cut machine can be partnered with the innovative DesignStudio to create unique scrapbooks. With the endless choices offered such as shapes, fonts, classmates, solutions, and seasonal cheap Cricut cartridges, there is no limit to your creativity.

With the handy Cricut Jukebox, you can store all your cheap Cricut cartridges conveniently at your fingertips. No matter what your expertise level or occasion you wish to cover, there is a cartridge designed as if they had you personally in mind!

One of the first steps to take in creating a memorable keepsake scrapbook is to hoist down that ancient box of photos you have stored in the closet or attic. We wanted to include tips when sorting through old photographs to help determine the identity of any unknown family members from the past. Sorting out the photos can be a fun project, almost as fun-filled as selecting which cheap Cricut cartridges to buy!

Tips on Helping Identify Photographs – Perfect for Cricut Heritage cartridge:

In the 1850s to early 20th century, tin type photos were used. Despite the name, tintypes are displayed on varnished metal instead of tin. In the 1880s, developing photographs on paper began, which became commonplace about 1900.

A photograph that displays a double gold border usually dates to the 1860s. Red line borders typically date to the 1870s. The photo in question was likely taken between 1864-1864 if there is a stamp on the back but no address indicating that it was a picture postcard. During those years, US photos required a tax stamp on photos.

Prior to 1870, portrait photos generally had a plain drape backdrop, with a chair or table used as a prop. Photos with more elaborate staging, such as bear skin rugs, date after 1890. Luckily, some pictures taken between 1890 and 1910 identify the photographer and the name of the studio on the back or front.

It helps in identifying the period by looking for hair and clothing clues. Another clue is to use the hairstyles worn in the photo to pin down the date. In the 1880s-1890s, most men wore their hair cut very short. Longer hair became more fashionable in the mid-1800s. After you have sorted out who’s who, your old pictures will go perfectly using the Cricut Heritage cartridge!

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