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Indoor Plant Growing Light – Which Is the Best?


Indoor gardening enthusiasts have quite a few choices available to them when it comes to choosing the best indoor plant growing light. Many experienced individuals have decided on which indoor plant growing light they prefer through trial and error. A person can avoid costly mistakes if they simply take the time to understand the pros and cons of the different indoor plant growing lights available and have a clear idea on what type of plants they intend to grow in how large of the garden they plan to have. Budget is also an important thing to keep in mind when deciding on the High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, Compact Fluorescent, or LED lights.

Which indoor plant growing light is the best? The fact is that there is no single type of light that is the right choice for every application. Some lights are quite inexpensive while others can set a person back quite a bit. There are lights that have extremely long life spans and there are those that are average at best. How much room a person has to dedicate to a garden and the temperature, as well as the needs of the actual plants, are all important things to keep in mind when deciding which HPS, Halide, CFL, or Light Emmiting Diode light is the best.

Some of the most popular indoor plant growing light types available are LEDs, fluorescent lights, HPS, HID, and standard incandescent bulbs. There are advantages and disadvantages to each type of closet garden light. For example, LEDs are extremely energy-efficient and put up very little heat but they can be quite expensive to purchase. HPS bulbs, on the other hand are much more affordable but can get quite hot and use a fair amount of electricity. A middle-of-the-road choice may be a fluorescent grow light.

The amount of space a person has available for their garden will also be an important thing to keep in mind when deciding on an indoor plant growing light. If the plans are going to be grown in a compact space then it may be best to avoid some of the hotter lights available. A closet garden light that is known to put out a great deal of heat may require a person to add an additional ventilation system in order to keep temperatures down. Although incandescent lights are extremely affordable, they also have to be replaced regularly which can make them more expensive in the long run.



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