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Telescopic Fishing Rod – A Great Option When You Have to Pack Light

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a very serious fisherman. So when it comes to fishing poles, I tend to look at the very best single piece rod blanks that are out there. But every once in a while a person finds themselves in a situation where it is not convenient to haul around traditional fishing gear. The telescopic fishing rod provides sportsmen with an option that allows them to pack light and still have the option to fish when the opportunity arises.

We travel to the boundary waters canoe area in Northeast Minnesota where the name of the game is traveling light. Long portages are the norm and you don’t want to be carrying cumbersome gear around when you have to make your overland move. The telescopic fishing rod provides me with a way to pack light and tight and still be able to enjoy fishing while we are out on the water.

The typical telescopic rod will be comprised of several sections of rod that collapse (the the telescopic effect) into one another. These fishing rods are made of the exact same materials used in traditional fishing rods. Each section of rod is tipped with a special eye that adds strength to the end of the rod section and when fully extended does a pretty reasonable job of casting and reeling. Telescopic rods can collapse down to about 12 inches making them easy to pack and haul when you are out in the field.

If you have read any of my other articles you know that the ideal rod for strength and sensitivity is a single piece rod. But there are times when you simply can’t or do not wish to pack and haul a 7 foot fishing rod. In these cases, a telescopic rod is an excellent and often inexpensive option.


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