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How Do I Make My Personal Internet Website?

How Do I Make My Own Web Site?

If you are thinking ‘It’s time to make my own web site’ then here are some tips to get you started.

To make your own web site, there are two methods you can use, depending on your preference.

The first method is to simply sign up with a free or paid service which gives you space on a server, and provides point and click or drag and drop tools to create your site. These usually let you have a basic site up in ten minutes or less, using their templates. Your site will have a web address like [http://www.thehostingsite/myusername/mypage.htm], or [].

The second method is to buy your own domain name, something like ‘’. This costs about $10 a year to register. Then, you set up hosting for your site on a hosting provider, which costs about $5 a month for a basic plan. Using this method you would usually make your own pages on your PC using software like Dreamweaver or Frontpage, then upload the finished pages to your hosting service. You have complete control of how your own web site looks and functions this way.

If you just want to create a personal site for your own interests, or for your kids, then the first method is fine. But if you want to make money from your site, immediately or in the long term, then having your own domain is essential, as most merchants and affiliate networks will not allow their ads on web sites which are on free hosts or on domains which you do not own. You also need to present a professional face to potential customers, who will easily see you are hosting your site free.

Most people who start off with one of the free ‘make my own web site’ services sooner or later move to owning their own domain name and creating their own web pages to upload to a hosting service. I know, because this is what I did myself.

While the point and click, or drag and drop method of creating a web site is fine for absolute beginners, most people find that it becomes too restrictive very quickly – whether in terms of the number of site pages you can have, the features you need, or the ability to place things on the web pages which are not allowed, like advertising, scripts or video.

So, what is the solution?

A few of the top domain registration sites and web hosting services have recognized the problem here, and allow users to buy their own domain name, set up a genuine hosting plan, but still use a site builder to create the web pages quickly. This avoids the need for a user to learn a web design package, or deal with raw html, while still allowing them to get started quickly.

Using such a service, a user has the best of both worlds – being able to use point and click to create a good-looking site quickly, while still having the freedom to use the site as they wish, owning their own domain, and having the ability move on to ‘real’ web site creation when they are ready.

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