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Dedicated Internet Hosting

Dedicated Internet Hosting

The field of Internet Hosting is fast evolving and new developments are taking place with every passing day. Gone are the days when companies were satisfied with just having their presence on the Internet. Nowadays, business owners, who have an online presence, are looking for better services, traffic management, and higher bandwidth allotment to attract more customers to their website. Dedicated Internet Hosting satisfies all their demands and does much more.

When a customer opts for Dedicated Internet Hosting, an entire server is allotted to the customer’s website. Here, unlike the shared servers, the hosting firm provides for server, rack space, uninterrupted power supply, server monitoring, hardware maintenance etc. In case of hardware failures, the hosting firm will even replace the hardware.

Even though the cost involved is on the higher side, Dedicated Internet Hosting provides many advantages over traditional shared hosting. A dedicated server can easily withstand high and unexpected traffic to the client’s website. For example, if a client is planning a promotional event, which generates heavy traffic on the website, a shared hosting server may not be able to handle it. But a dedicated server can easily take the heat. Also, there’s no concern over sharing traffic space.

When a dedicated server is allotted to a user, he has complete control over the server. This includes the choice of operating system, hardware etc. However, the administration part is still in the hands of hosting firm, which means in case of a server meltdown, the hosting company is responsible for getting back on track.

A dedicated server means a client can install third-party software to improve performance–not possible on a shared server with other clients to consider. Also, a dedicated server is more secure than a shared server. For those to whom security is a top priority, dedicated servers are imperative.

Although costs appear to be high at the outset, in the long run, dedicated servers prove their worth. If quality matters, then it’s time to go for a dedicated server.

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