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Carbide Cutting Tools

Carbide Cutting tools

Carbide cutting tools are tools that have the end of the tool, or the tip, coated with carbide, and is used to make cuts through some of the toughest materials known. So, how did we arrive at the place where carbide was invented and the use became so widespread? Well, carbide was a derivative of hard metal. Until the turn of the century, and the onset of the industrial revolution, hard metal was the best the industry had to offer.

Unfortunately, the best the industry had to offer wasn’t all that good. Scientists and metal workers had already devoted a great deal of time to the creation of a harder substance, when, along came carbide. What scientists and metal workers discovered, was that if you decrease the iron (Fe) with harder carbide substances, you got a harder cutting tool.

A metal known as tungsten carbide was introduced into the market during the 1920s and you have the invention of carbide cutting tools. The industrial world was rapidly changed, and as you can see, today we have benefited greatly from this discovery.

Along with the introduction of carbide cutting tools, came the industrial revolution and although there was some modification of machinery, the industry was welcoming this new tool with open arms. The hotter the cutting process, the harder the cutting tool needed to be, and with the progress of machinery, tools, and man’s hunger for automation, the carbide tool filled a much needed space.

The hard carbide particles most often used in carbide cutting tools are those of tungsten carbide, titanium carbide and tantalum carbide grains. The carbide cutting tools are made by using a metallurgical powder, pressing it into a die, and then heating it in a furnace to a temperature of at least 1400 degrees Celsius. That’s extremely hot, but carbide is extremely tough!

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