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Host an Alumnus Celebration With the On-line Celebration Planning Software program

Host an Alumnus Party With the Online Party Planning Software

Host an Alumnus Party With the Online Party Planning Software

Holidays are incomplete without the right dose of parties and celebrations; and then, when you have the precious company of your old friends from school and college, the parties become even more enjoyable. However, hosting an alumnus party is not so easy given the large amount of work that you have to undertake in order to arrange everything with perfection and precision. You have to manage registrations, acquire email addresses of your friends and send them invitations, collect their contributions towards the party, book a suitable venue, hire a reliable caterer and do lot more. The best way to manage all these works in a systematic manner is to use the online party planning software.

It always helps if you already have an existing alumni association; then the entire affair of organizing the party becomes essentially a team effort. Otherwise, it becomes extremely difficult to manage everything single-handedly. However, the online party planning software can be of great help as it streamlines a large number of back-end operations of party planning in the following ways:

Creation of the online party registration form:

It is only very natural for your friends to be busy people. So, even if they are interested to attend the alumnus party, instead of having an in-person registration day, why not opt for an online version. The software application comprises of a pre-built form template. Use it to create a custom-made online party registration form for your alumnus event. This will enable any friend of yours, who might be interested to attend the party to access it anytime from their computers or any other web enabled mobile devices.

Online payment collection:

Logically speaking it is not a matter of jest to collect individual contributions towards the alumnus party personally. The task is time consuming. So, to make the task easier for both of you, it is best to provide them with online payment options via a PCI-secure payment interface. This is provided by the party planning software in the form of online payment management solution. The feature also enables you to track every transaction in real-time and follow up when there is a due to be collected.

Email invitation sending:

Sourcing postal addresses of your friends can be an uphill task if you are not in touch with them presently; and even if you have them, sending hard-copy invitations to all can prove to be a costly affair. Moreover, you never come to know if the cards were delivered in time as most people do not bother to RSVP to postal invitations. So, why get into the unnecessary hassles of posting cards? Instead, avail of the automated emailing service of the party planning software and send out bulk email invitations, RSVPs and notifications, all in a single click of the mouse.

Alumnus party promotion:

Many times it may so happen that neither you nor any of the existing members of the alumni association can contact a person, but you know that he/she might be interested in attending your party. What do you do then to reach out to that person? The best way is to promote your event on the social networking sites so that if the person is a user then he/she will surely come to know of it. Social media promotions can be done more conveniently though the social media connector of the software application.

Build a private community networking forum with your alumni association members to reach out your friends when there is an upcoming party.

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