Can Viral Advertising Enhance Focused Web site Visitors?

Can Viral Marketing Increase Targeted Website Traffic?

Yes, viral marketing can increase targeted website traffic is not just an Internet-based concept; it applies to the real world also. Fundamentally, viral marketing happens when someone who has used a product speaks about it favourably to another person. If you watch a movie and recommend it to your friend, you are virally marketing the movie. On the Internet, if you post a favourable comment about a product or a service, you are virally marketing it. In fact, on the Internet even if you criticize a product, you are virally marketing it. There’s a reason behind that. Whatever your comment is, positive or negative, it does one thing – it increases the recall value of the product. People begin to identify the brand better. The product becomes more searchable over the Internet. Hence, viral marketing always works.

All social networking sites are avenues for virally marketing products. Your blogs are places where your product gets virally marketed. This also happens on forums and video and photo sharing sites. Your articles are tools of viral marketing too. So, you see that viral marketing is not an isolated method. It is, in fact, an umbrella term for the various marketing practices you employ.

Viral marketing works because it tells potential buyers about the product so that they begin thinking seriously about buying it. It improves the recall value of a product and makes it more visible. On the Internet, a product that is visible is a hit.

Giving away rights your viral marketing product will help spread the word and your product like wild fire simply because each person that has your give away will do exactly that and give away your product to their friends, then their friends will do the same and everyone keeps passing it on and on. The result will increase targeted website traffic to your site.

Give, and you shall receive. Now, where have we heard this before?

Whether this adage works in all aspects of life or not is a matter of personal opinion, but on the Internet it always works. When you give something away, it helps in bringing in better prospects to your online business.

But, what can you give away? It is highly important that your give away is something or value. It should be something that a receiver would cherish, because this is what adds to your credibility as a service provider.

You might be having a question in your mind right now – how does a giveaway help in bringing traffic or business to your website?

This happens through lead capture methods. When you give something away, you put a link where people can download the product from. This link takes them through a lead capture page, also known as a squeeze page. Here they are asked to opt in with their email id so that they can get more such freebies in future. Assurances are made to the effect that their email id won’t be sold over to anyone else and that spam won’t be sent to them. People usually give their email because they know they will be getting something valuable for free. When you get these leads, you can market them through other ways such as email marketing.

So, what are the things that you can give away? Even give aways undergo surges and ebbs in their popularity on the Internet. Currently, the best things to give away include the following:-


Video / Audio Tutorials

Newsletter Subscriptions

Free Offers on Products from Partner Sites

Informative Listings

All the above are great lead generators that can help increase targeted website traffic

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